The Honourable Benalmadena Council informs users that the collection and process of personal details by using this website are subject to the established current legislation on matters of data protection, the Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, the Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21st December, which is set forth in the implementing regulation of Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December on Personal Data Protection and other applicable legislation in order to guarantee the privacy of users at all times, in addition to the secrecy and security of their personal data.

The access and use of this website imply the acceptance of this privacy policy which is detailed as follows.

The collection and process of personal data via this website is solely used for the purpose of the services that this website provides, in addition to those requested by users and will be accompanied by the mandatory duty of disclosure defined in article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December on Personal Data Protection (LOPD). In this sense, the personal data provided by users via electronic mail and the different forms or application forms on this municipal website will be processed in accordance with the terms outlined in this policy and in accordance with article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December on Personal Data Protection (LOPD), which states that users shall be informed of the existence of a personal data file and that the process of personal data is for the purpose of their data collection and the recipients of the information, of the possible transfer of data, the identity and address of the user's file, as well as the possibility of exercising the right to access, rectify, cancel and contest their data and the way to exercise these rights.

The data requested from users is strictly necessary, appropriate and pertinent to the purpose for which they are gathered and indicates whether such data is voluntary or obligatory at the time it is gathered, in addition to the consequences of obtaining such data or the refusal to provide it.

In any case, users will be responsible for the veracity and authenticity of the data which they provide, as well as any false or inexact declaration which is produced as a result of the data provided, and the possible damages that may derive from such activity. Such data will be incorporated into corresponding personal data files registered in the 'Registro de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD)' (Spanish Data Protection Agency), under the ownership and responsibility of the honourable Benalmadena Council.

Users are also informed that their data will be processed with the appropriate safety measures in accordance with the stipulations in article 9 of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December on Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and Title VIII of Real Decree 1720/2007, 21st December which approves the implementing regulation of Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December on Personal Data Protection.

To the same extent, confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed and shall not be shared with third parties except in those cases necessary to manage the services which this website provides, in addition to what is set forth in current legislation. Users may exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel or contest their data in the legally stipulated form of writing to: The Honourable Benalmadena Council - Avda. Juan Luis Peralta, s/n - 29630 - Benalmádena (Malaga).

The publication of lists on this website containing personal data are in accordance with the current data protection legislation. Such lists do not constitute a source of public access and shall not be able to be reproduced, transmitted or registered by any recovery information system without the consent by the people who this may affect and the authorization by the honourable Benalmadena Council.

Use of Cookies and IP Address Registration

This website does not use any type of software to gather information from its users. With regard to the registration of IP Addresses assigned by the access provider, these are only used exclusively for statistical purposes, such as those used to access this website. The IP address does not allow a link to any of the user's information nor does it discover their personal details. For the sole purpose of offering a better service via this website and for the objective of providing better service, the browsing and connection data on the website are gathered automatically such as the number of pages visited, the number of visits, the activity of these visits and their frequency of use, in addition to the language selected by default.

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Link to the electronic headquarters of the 'Agencia Española de Protección de Datos' (AEPD) (Spanish Data Protection Agency)

In accordance with the stipulations in (article 6.1 g) of the Royal Decree 1671/2009, 6th November, which partially develops law 11/2007, 22nd June on Citizens' Electronic Access to Public Services, the following link to the electronic headquarters of the Spanish Data Protection Agency is included:

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